Volunteers plant wildlife hedge

An area near the Northumberland Road entrance where some large trees recently had to be removed has provided the Friends of Yeading Walk with a perfect spot to plant a wildlife hedge.

The saplings for the 30 meter long hedge were distributed by The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) and are part of the Mayor of London’s 2022/23 ‘Trees for London’ scheme which aims to plant thousands of trees in the capital. 

The trees we have planted are Blackthorn, Hawthorn, Cherry Plum, Crab Apple, Hornbeam, Hazel, Guelder Rose and Rowan. They will fruit at different times of year which will give wildlife a food source all year round. They offer food in the form of leaves, nectar rich flowers, berries, fruits and seeds and are good hunting grounds for predators seeking invertebrates. 

Hedges are a better choice of boundary for wildlife than fences or walls as they support a wide variety of flora and fauna, provide important shelter and protection for wildlife and also act as part of a wildlife corridor which helps allow wildlife to move around to different areas safely. 

Some types of wildlife that may use the hedge are birds, bats, butterflies, bees and hedgehogs.

Thank you to all our volunteers who helped with this project!