Weekly events

Project Saturday: most Saturdays throughout the year.

Litter picking: Mondays 2pm (winter) 4pm (summer):

Gardening: Tuesdays 10am – 12pm

Other events in 2023

(dates will be confirmed nearer the time)


Riverfly Monitoring:

7th Jan, 2pm


Riverfly Monitoring:

12th Feb, 2pm


Riverfly Monitoring:

12th Mar, 3pm


Riverfly Monitoring:

8th Apr, 2pm


Riverfly Monitoring:

13th May @11am


Riverfly Monitoring:

9th – 12th June

St Albans Fair Plant Sale

10th June


Riverfly Monitoring:


Guided Walk through Yeading Walk:

Monday 10th July 5.30-6.30pm


Public Riverfly Monitoring Event:

12th August 11am (weather permitting)


Riverfly Monitoring:

8th – 11th Sept


Sunday 10th Sept 3pm

(meet by the Willows)

Orchard Day

Saturday 23rd Sept 3pm

Bat Walk!

Friday 29th Sept 6.30-8.30pm

(meet at Lincoln Road entrance)


Apple Day:

Rescheduled to 23rd Sept

Riverfly Monitoring:

6th – 9th Oct


Riverfly Monitoring:

10th – 13th Nov


Riverfly Monitoring:

8th – 11th Dec

Previous events

Bat Walk September 2023

Harrow Nature Conservation and Simon Braidman hosted a very popular Bat Walk in Yeading Walk this month. Simon came fully equipped with his bat detector to identify the species of bats which are known to use the waterbody in the park. The bats were a little shy at first but eventually some were detected which may have been Common and Soprano Pipistrelles and Noctule species. And just to add to the excitement a badger was seen crossing the path which was a most welcome sight.

Clean the Stream: November 2022

The second ‘Clean-the-Stream’ event was strongly supported by the Scouts, their leaders and parents, as well as Friends’ volunteers. An assortment of junk and debris was removed from the stream resulting in a noticeably cleaner river, supporting insect life and food for birds. The white egret is now a regular visitor and some have seen the kingfisher skimming down the river. Yeading Brook is a Thames tributary and improvements upstream benefit the whole waterway. The Scouts did a magnificent job, starting at Northumberland Road bridge and working down to the stone bridge near Rayners Lane. Sixteen scouts, three leaders and 3 mums ended up muddy, wet and with boots full of water but with a job well done. ‘Thank You!’ to 4th Headstone Scouts.

Young Persons Art Competition Messages for COP26: November 2021

A very popular ‘All Ages’ art competition was held in November for our young people to voice their messages about Climate Change in advance of the United Nations Climate Change Meeting in Glasgow.  All young people were invited to illustrate their messages about Climate Change and Our Planet on the park walkways in chalk, with drawings photographed and displayed on social media.  There were many varied messages including, ‘Plant more Trees!’, ‘Stop Deforestation’, ‘Cut our Carbon’, ‘Stop Pollution’, ‘Save the Ocean’ and ‘Save the Planet’. Well done to all those who took part.

RSPB Birdwalk: October 2021

 A very interesting complimentary bird walk led by Pinner RSPB was held in October. There was a gentle stroll through the park to identify birds and their calls. A number of birds were spotted including a green woodpecker. The Friends are erecting a number of bird nesting boxes following the first successful brood of hatchlings in a box positioned in the orchard.

Adopt a Tree: September 2021

Nearly 30 young native saplings were ‘adopted’ by families and park visitors at the Big Green Week event. These included Silver Birch, Hazels, Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Dog Rose and an Oak tree. The trees were nurtured at home for a year and returned to the park for planting on the far side of the stream and sports field in the following autumn. While the youngsters were potting up their trees, parents put in some heavy work mulching the Orchard trees with leaf mould made from leaves swept up the previous autumn and then topped up by wood chips to feed the trees, retain moisture and suppress the weeds.

‘Bugs in the Stream’ Wild Life Event by Harrow Nature Heroes: August 2021

Harrow Nature Heroes visited Yeading Walk for the Stream life event in August 2021. The children participating in the event had lots of fun interacting with the water and learning all about aquatic life. Samples were collected from the stream and put in buckets and trays for identification. Many gammarus shrimp were found and a few tubifex, flatworm and a water louse. We also learned about how we can help to improve the environment to help the animals in the stream. A great time was had by all.


Take care where you walk in the park on Halloween, there may be witches afoot!  The first Halloween celebration saw the Friends’ witches turn out in force armed with broomsticks and sweets. The old tree stump was crowned with an elaborately carved pumpkin which promptly fell off and had to be stuck together with a paste of flour and water.  The witches managed to scare (and treat) a few tiny tots and parents before it poured with rain, so the witches ate the sweets and went home for hot tea.  But WATCH OUT next Halloween if you dare to enter Yeading Walk, it will get better, and much scarier……..