FoYW Spring Survey Report 2024

Read the anonymised results of the recent FoYW survey here conducted both online and in-person in the park.  The purpose of the survey was to provide the park community with an opportunity to comment on changes and developments in the park, raise issues and concerns and make known their key priorities for Yeading Walk.  A warm ‘thank you’ to everyone who took time to participate and for your frank comments and suggestions.  The committee welcomes the feedback and there is much to learn from your responses. Please continue to talk to us about key issues when we are volunteering in the park and share your thoughts and suggestions via our email at

We were encouraged by your support and encouragement.  Many of you were pleased with the improvements made to the park, expressed thanks for the efforts of our volunteers and commented that Yeading Walk remains a beautiful place.  The Nature Walk and stepping stones across the river were given a strong ‘thumbs up’.  The committee acknowledges the interest and funding support of Harrow Council which has significantly improved park infrastructure.    People feel safer in the park although there are some issues with drug activity, anti-social behaviour, and thoughtless littering.  Some respondents questioned the extent of cutting back vegetation to forward the aims of Harrow’s project ‘Yeading Brook Unbound’ but there was also support for improving stream health. There was interest in aquatic planting, and this will be trialled in summer, after removal of invasive sedge along sections of the riverbank. There was strong support for planting for biodiversity, for protecting wildlife and maintaining the ‘natural’ feel to the park. The committee will renew and expand their focus on wildlife conservation and habitat to reflect your priorities.

Not everyone was happy, as could be expected. Pruning of the cherry laurel was met with mixed responses – some felt it had gone too far, others called for trees with spring blossom.  The committee has secured funding for several trees which will be planted in the autumn, spring blossom  (excellent for pollinators) and native species to replace those trees lost to earlier storm damage.  For over 40 years, there have been no new trees in Yeading Walk, apart from those planted by the FoYW.  Trees are the lungs of our planet and a key carbon mitigation strategy, as well as providing crucial habitat for wildlife.  We shall continue to replenish trees from leading nurseries where we are confident of top quality, secured at trade pricing.  The blackberry brambles are still there!  Look at the entrance to the Nature Walk and, on the path, approaching the willows.  Eradication of Japanese knotweed is scheduled for later in summer and will need to continue for several years.

Your support for wildlife and keeping the natural appearance of the park was striking and the committee takes this onboard.  One respondent called for a balance between biodiversity and access for people and this remains a key challenge.  There was strong criticism from some, but we do not shy away from this.  As a group of volunteers, we have never claimed to have all the answers but will be guided by those with real expertise and experience.  We always take guidance from experts employed or associated with the council before tackling larger projects and always seek approval from the council who own the park. We very much encourage and welcome your participation in protecting and enhancing this special space.  You all lead busy lives but even a couple of hours help on a Saturday once a month would ease the burden on a small team of volunteers and give you all a real stake in the future of this lovely park.  Thank you for your support.

Committee, Friends of Yeading Walk