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  • June Riverfly Monitoring

    June Riverfly Monitoring

    June Riverfly Monitoring shows some encouraging results! This months Riverfly monitoring showed some very promising results. The usual samples were taken and the most exciting find was a 10cm Stone Loach which is a fresh water ray-finned fish. An Olive Baetidae or Mayfly was also seen. The team caught and counted 680 Gammarus Shrimp and…

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    Read our May 2023 newsletter here.

  • Volunteers plant wildlife hedge

    Volunteers plant wildlife hedge

    An area near the Northumberland Road entrance where some large trees recently had to be removed has provided the Friends of Yeading Walk with a perfect spot to plant a wildlife hedge. The saplings for the 30 meter long hedge were distributed by The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) and are part of the Mayor of London’s 2022/23…

  • Rewild London Fund successful application!

    London Wildlife Trust, in partnership with the Mayor of London has announced the 22 recipients of the Rewild London Fund which and we are delighted to see includes the Yeading Brook Unbound Project. The project will focus on a c. 3.5 km of the watercourse between Headstone Manor and Roxbourne Park, including Yeading Walk. It…

  • Tree Planting

    The NEW TREES near the RAYNERS LANE ENTRANCE have been planted by The Friends of Yeading Walk (FoYW). The FoYW committee submitted a successful bid to the Greater London Authority (GLA) and were awarded funding for seven trees. We have planted five Golden Alders (Alnus incana Aurea) and two Ornamental Pear trees (Pyrus calleryana Chanticleer).…